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Civics Lab

Civic Lab will showcases and discuss the most progressive digital engagement initiatives that aim to help citizens collaborate with government for the betterment of their societies. A panel of experts will discuss and analyze how technology can help societies have better means of communication and action to achieve better developmental results.  

Session 1: Role of the private sector/entrepreneurs in encouraging civic participation (12:30-1:30)


Jonathan Chang, 10 min

Founder of Platforms:

Haytham Al-Hawaj,Deera, 10 min

Saed Karazoun, , 10 min

Elie Abou Saab, Jouwar, 10 min


Session 2: Civic Imagination: The Intersection between Creativity and Civic Participation (2:30-3:30)


Eric Gordon, 10 min

Jennifer Colville, Raik Shino (Sudan), 10 min

Mohammad Alahmad, 2 platforms , 20 min

Breakout session/Q&A  

Session 3:The Case for Space: Expanding Voices (3:30-4:30)

The session tackle issues related to the way different sectors can work together to use digital tools to increase participation of various groups: including youth and refugees.


Sajida Shroff, 10 min

Muhamad Al Bakri, The Arabic Theory of Change Platform, 10 min

William Long, Vision Platforms , 10 min

Breakout session/Q&A  

Session 4:The Case for Space: Expanding Voices (4:30-5:30)

All speakers come together to discuss potential Partnerships along with interested members of audience


Haytham Al-Hawaj

Saed Karazoun

Elie Abou Saab-Jouwar

Jennifer Colville>

Mohammad Alahmadi

Muhamad Al Bakri

William Long

Sajida Shroff