Director of Programs

Noha Ragab

Noha holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from San Jose State University. She has experience working on political campaigns as a campaign organizer such as Obama’s first presidential campaign.

Noha has a background in journalism where she worked as a writer and editor at several publications in the Arab World as well as US-based publications. She has also worked as a writer, interviewer, and translator for documentary films and TV stations such as WGBH, a PBS-affiliate TV station.

Throughout her career, Noha’s focus has always been on non-profit organizations ranging her work from grant writing to event organizing. In the past couple of years, Noha has been heavily involved in cultural awareness and training with different places of worship, police departments, and civil rights organizations in an effort to lend a voice to those communities that are underrepresented and often racially or politically profiled.